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       The Three and Out Series                                            A Trilogy
Rod Richards is a restless man.  He seeks challenges and opportunities for adventure at every turn.  This trilogy of events reflect his happiness, disappointments, achievements and personal issues.  The first book takes place in San Francisco . . . a humor parody.  The second book takes place in San Antonio . . . a murder mystery.  The final book takes place in Chicago . . . a private eye suspense.  The books do not have to be read in sequence.  They are separate challenges.

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Murder in a San Antonio Psych Hospital-Revisited
NEWEST  BOOK       Dec, 2019 
      Why the revisit in the title? There is another story to enlighten the reader about the former psych hospital where a C.I.A. female agent was murdered. The Texas Coalition of Combat Veterans (TCCV), a non-profit organization from Houston, bought the hospital out of bankruptcy. Their mission─provide acute psychiatric and long-term care to military veterans suffering from mental health disorders.
       A radical group of Native Americans is determined to take back the hospital grounds. Trouble strikes anew when a sponsored patient is found dead in the hospital dayroom. This is simply the beginning phase of their mission to take back the hospital.