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"Just finished reading Three and Out: The Saga of a San Francisco Apartment Manager. I greatly admire your ability to make a character jump off the page with just a few words -- the person immediately has features AND a personality. What a skill! (Posted from a personal letter to the author). 

From Excellent read!!!, December 14, 2011 
ByTimbear - See all my reviews -Amazon Verified Purchase 
Great book by John Payne! Very in-depth character study, interesting plots, and Payne displays a tremendous knowledge of the current state of healthcare in the U.S. This book will not disappoint!

Lawrence - Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Three and Out: murder in a San Antonio Psych Hospital  
"I just finished this novel by Payne. A must read if you live in San Antonio or work in a hospital setting. Interesting plot with a lot of "who dunnit's" to sort thru. Fast moving with a lot of interesting characters. I enjoyed the book."

Reviews from: The Chicago Terminus by Lawrence on Amazon.  "The best of Payne's Three and Out series.  A lot of characters and a lot of sub-plots to read thru...but an entertaining book.  Fun read."

by Greg on Amazon."I really enjoyed reading this third book of the Three and Out series by John Payne.  This third book was the best.  Although the Chicago terminus is fiction, it weaved some interesting historical events during that time period.  The flow of events keeps you both engaged and entertained throughout.  Well done!"

by Loreen Sevening on Amazon. " Love the fact his reads are light, entertaining and excellent for the long hot summer days!!! PERFECT for air travel kind of read or leisure time around the pool!!!  Talented author that brings the characters to life with twists and turns that mirror real relationships.  LOVE the series!"

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From: Dana Eversole
Sent: Thursday, July 9, 2015 11:28 PM

Hello Mr.Payne. I am emailing in regards to your novel "Stage Four" and to tell you how much I enjoyed it! My girlfriend and I were in San Antonio on vacation(we are from a small town of Tahlequah Oklahoma) and we met at your meet and greet book signing at the mall in April. I promised I would write you to tell you what I thought of the novel, and I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond. I finished the book a few weeks ago, and I must say I am very impressed with your ability to tell a gripping story! I loved the characters especially how well you captured Jamie as a delta force guy!

Absolutely nailed it down to his unstable love affairs that come with that lifestyle. You start the book off on an exciting pace and it just keeps coming and coming! I have an entire book shelf I dedicate to the great "Stephen King" because he has been my favorite author since I was a kid (now 20 years old) along with a few other books that are on par with kings writing with authors like "Dean Koontz" and "Joe Hill." 

Stage four has claimed a spot on that bookshelf and you should be very proud of work like that. Meeting you was an amazing experience and reading your writing gave me many hours of enjoyment! It is an unfortunate fact that reading and even more so writing is an art form unappreciated and often overlooked by my generation. P.S- please don't stop writing books... Ever:-) 
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Stage Four and Stage Five have been generating numerous positive feedback --- to numerous to list in this space.

i thank all of you fine people who purchase my books.  All receipts go to three different charities.  I write for fun.  It's a fun hobby, okay?