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The first book of the trilogy actually started out as a manual for new apartment managers. When the author began to outline the duties and responsibilities he was reminded of the many issues that confronted him when managing an apartment in an urban setting. This book is primarily about the many interesting and unusual characters living in the apartment and their interactions with both the manager and the building owner. 

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 Rod Richards is appointed the administrator of a mental health hospital two blocks from the famous river walk. Prior to his taking the reins, an embedded female CIA agent is found dead in the hospital day room with a gigantic pair of scissors stuck in her chest.  The CIA suspect an al-Qaeda cell forming in the neighborhood and arranged with the medical director to place a "bogus" patient on the ward. Four patients and two nurses are deemed "persons of interest" by the investigating agencies. Several love interests are developed and the many twists and turns that take place will leave the reader spellbound.

The book focuses on a privately owned private investigation business in Chicago.Rod meets up with an old Army buddy on a cruise out of Galveston, Texas and also a slightly "out of the box" school teacher. Rod conducts an initial surveillance on Shamus Fenerty, a giant trucking owner and big Democratic contributor. suspected of cheating on his wife. Later he is hired by a rich Vietnamese restaurateur to find the son she gave up at birth. The son is "released " from prison under unusual circumstances.  Most of the action takes place in   Chicago, Green Bay and Door County Wisconsin. There are many twists and turns that will keep the reader in suspense, 

A new cancer treatment has been developed by a South Texas biochemist. The cure is promising great results but at a million dollars a case but there is a deadly catch: the patient's DNA is altered, making them into monsters who will not hesitate to kill. Pets take center stage trying to keep their masters alive during the terminal stage of the illness (Stage IV) but then later join in the deadly hunt for prey!. Somebody has got to stop the slaughter of innocent people. Who can be bought aboard to accomplish this? 

 Stage Five:  The Reincarnation.

Out of nowhere, Jamie Richards appears  in an unorthodox manner on the busy streets of San Francisco as a reincarnate of his great-grandfather Thaddeus Ambrose Richards, who was a member of Colonel Bill Donovan’s OSS, the forerunner of the current CIA.
.Jamie and Denis Sweeny, his old Navy SEAL friend team up to infiltrate the ISIS recruitment process of young, disenchanted females and later create major havoc at an ISIS safe house south of the city. The concluding segment of the book involves Jamie’s deployment back to a German city near Berlin where Thaddeus Ambrose Richards had met his demise during WWII.trying to kill Frau Koehler, Nazi propagandist. Jamie is now reunited with the successful and famous, Seri Hakimi. Is Jamie destined to achieve long-awaited fame? Or will he succumb to the same fate as his great-grandfather?

    STORIES (pictured to the top right) INTO

        STAGE SIX:  The 
       Infidelity Murders

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Careful one and all, infidelity could be 
a deadly practice.  Irene Finery, former
Chicago cop criminologist takes on a 
new mission in life. Under contract, 
she hunts down the unfaithful spouse
and kills the unrepentant sinner!

You won't want to miss the action 
in this book!

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Comment on Stage Four.  

One of my college customers asked for, and received permission to use the biochemist character in a theme paper.

I asked why.  She wanted to give the character a love life!